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Effect of the Mind on the Skin by Adama Hope Roland

The greatest gift God has given to humanity is not vision, not sight but the ability to think!

Your thoughts give you vision and your vision projects your insight. Thoughts produce vision and vision produces your sight, but without thought there is no vision. The power of the mind is the greatest force you possess. This power makes up your thoughts, and theses thoughts shape everything that happens in your life. That said your thoughts have impact on your physical health and ultimately on your skin.

According to author Remez Sasson (Founder of Success Consciousness.Com): “thoughts are like seeds – the have a natural tendency to grow and manifest in your life. If you feed them with positive attention, interest and enthusiasm they will grow that way”.

Our Thoughts shape us

The way we nurture our thoughts on the inside,  determines how we will grow on the outside. If we don’t appreciate and love the skin we are in, it will show.  God has blessed each of us fully by making us who we are . We must be proud of our skin. If we don’t appreciate the skin we are in – whether as black or white no one else will.  This appreciation begins with the mind. Until you place value on the beauty of your skin it can never be valued by others – your community, your country  or the world at large.  We are all extremely unique, wonderful and beautiful. We need to know that your prevalent thoughts influence our behaviour and attitude and also control the reactions of our physical selves- yes our skin. The saying  goes – as a man thinks so is he.

The mind as a garden

Author,  James Allen likens the mind to a garden.  You either intelligently cultivate it or allow to run wild. Just as a gardener cultivates his plot, keeping it free from weeds and growing the flowers and the fruits which he requires, so a person should tend to the garden of his mind – weeding out all the wrong, useless and impure thoughts.

It is also important to focus on the quality of your thoughts rather than quantity. You may have beautiful skin but if you have a negative personality the beauty and value will not be seen because your minds thoughts will manifest through your appearance.  Good quality thoughts have the power to influence how you look. Your thoughts can penetrate into everything around you. Your thoughts and imagination determines your success and failure in life. 

To be beautiful is to be  beautiful to yourself

You dont need to be accepted by others.  You just need to accept yourself. Nobody will accept you the way you are unless you first accept yourself. A persons thoughts draw circumstances and situations to them. If you control and channel your thoughts positively, it will mirror positively on your life. If you  “master” your mind ,  control your thoughts, those controlled thoughts will reflect on your skin.  You will look healthier. You have the power to improve on your inner and emotional life and physical health.

How successful you become is dependent on your willingness to choose your thoughts and change the content of your life. Until you have a change of thoughts about yourself – loving and appreciating the skin you are in, being confident of the skin you are in; you cannot flourish. Be confident in your skin. Every individual has their own texture, colour and it is only when you accept it that your beauty will radiate onto your skin.

Once your skin glows – the best make-up you could ever wear is CONFIDENCE. Wear your confidence with pride!

Written by Adama Hope Roland

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Adama is Nigerian – a wife, a mother, motivator and a writer.  She is the founder of Throne of Success Fellowship (aka)Power of Your Thoughts, enlightening the world on the power of the mind. She has love and passion for the things of God and cares for the less privileged in society.

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