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Simple Well being From Home by Keziah Theophane-Remy

The quest for well being We are in an era where traditional methods of healing are being questioned and people are now seeking a sense of wellbeing from sources previously considered ludicrous. For years, the therapeutic value of alternative methods was discredited, but people are now becoming more cognisant of the benefits of having a sense of balance in their lives. Indian yogi Sadhguru said it best. Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy. I could not agree more. Can you imagine a feeling where every single part of you is filled with pure happiness?  Global celebration of wellness There has been a global celebration of wellness, all in the hopes of giving people the opportunity to experience moments of peace, tranquility and bliss. It is easier, when life is going well to find the time to stop and…

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Be A Creator: A Poem By Ekwa Cathy

Be A Creator _______________________________ Create new ideas Create new thoughts Create better thoughts Create greater thoughts Create superior thoughts Create big goals Create and manifest your dreams Be a creative person today and everyday. ________________________________ A poem by Ekwa Cathy… Catherine is the founder of EkwaCreativity an organisation that brings together local artists who are Graphic Designers, Artists and Craft makers. She organises workshops and seminars to provide a platform for women and men who do not know how to showcase their talents. She draws her inspiration from what is happening around her and in her community. She is a Poet, a Creative Writer and raises awareness on the importance of creativity.  She is from Cameroon Find her & Follow her:  https://www.facebook.com/ekwa.cathy  

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A holistic lifestyle…what is it?

Living a holistic Lifestyle? What is this thing called lifestyle? Lifestyle – in my opinion, and broadly put, describes the way in which an individual, their family, their community, might perhaps choose to live their lives. This includes, their attitudes, behaviours and even their choice of possessions, their worldview and perceptions – be they personal or cultural – around their quality of life. It has got to do with how people respond to or cope with social, economic, physical and psychological conditions on a daily basis. How they decide to choose the food they eat, what they wear and most importantly the values, sense of identity and self-hood they decide to embrace… this to me is what defines – a lifestyle. What do you think? Lifestyle and health?   Lifestyles is also about health and well-being.  How do we find balance – between looking good, feeling great, eating healthy, engaging in physical…

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