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Simple Well being From Home by Keziah Theophane-Remy

The quest for well being We are in an era where traditional methods of healing are being questioned and people are now seeking a sense of wellbeing from sources previously considered ludicrous. For years, the therapeutic value of alternative methods was discredited, but people are now becoming more cognisant of the benefits of having a sense of balance in their lives. Indian yogi Sadhguru said it best. Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy. I could not agree more. Can you imagine a feeling where every single part of you is filled with pure happiness?  Global celebration of wellness There has been a global celebration of wellness, all in the hopes of giving people the opportunity to experience moments of peace, tranquility and bliss. It is easier, when life is going well to find the time to stop and…

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The Beauty of Self-Compassion 

The Beauty of Self-Compassion  Often in life, we are quick to show compassion for other people, we nurture them, show kindness, give them a helping hand and forgive their mistakes. Yet somehow this can be far more difficult to achieve with our own lives. For some reason self-compassion can be seen as self-indulgent, self- pitying or even selfish. Too often when things go wrong or life is tough  we can be our own worst enemy – our harshest critic, acting in ways towards ourselves that we wouldn’t dream of being like with another person.  Being more compassionate with ourselves enables us to live within a more harmonious state. It gives us the courage to accept all parts of ourselves, to accept our actions and behaviour without judgement when we are challenged by life events or situations. By being more accepting and compassionate  it can become easier to move past our mistakes.  Self-compassionate people are able to recognise when they are struggling or suffering and will be kind towards themselves during in these times. They are able to adopt an accepting attitude towards their strengths and weaknesses which makes them much more likely to implement change…

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Effect of the Mind on the Skin by Adama Hope Roland

The greatest gift God has given to humanity is not vision, not sight but the ability to think! Your thoughts give you vision and your vision projects your insight. Thoughts produce vision and vision produces your sight, but without thought there is no vision. The power of the mind is the greatest force you possess. This power makes up your thoughts, and theses thoughts shape everything that happens in your life. That said your thoughts have impact on your physical health and ultimately on your skin. According to author Remez Sasson (Founder of Success Consciousness.Com): “thoughts are like seeds – the have a natural tendency to grow and manifest in your life. If you feed them with positive attention, interest and enthusiasm they will grow that way”. Our Thoughts shape us The way we nurture our thoughts on the inside,  determines how we will grow on the outside. If we don’t appreciate…

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Pollution and your skin by Rumbi Serima-Fowler

Environmental pollution Air pollution and the skin – yes, it is true that the air around us can have an adverse effect not only our skin, our entire systems. It is therefore important and essential to have a ‘pamper day’. A time to rejuvenate and replenish your skin whilst providing it with nourishment to combat again damage. Recently I experienced the effects of environmental pollution first hand. I travelled to London from the South of England where I live on a day trip. I arrived at Victoria station just after 08.00 and the air smelt fresh and clean. After an eventful day I was ready to leave London… it was already 21:00 hrs. The first thing I noticed as got into the underground station was the smell. There air was thick and acidic…. almost acrid. I imagined how it would feel passing through this ‘smog’ if I had to commute daily…

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