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How Juicing Changed My Life!

By Kathleen M. Marinell Straight up, I’m what you would call a health nut.  I’ve never smoked, I seldom drink alcohol, and I’ve never done drugs despite being a child of the 60’s…oops, now I’m dating myself  :-).  I’ve lived a fairly active life, I’ve eaten well, I’ve tried a variety of self-healing techniques, and I’ve read lots of books on living a healthy lifestyle.     But nothing impacted my life permanently and deeply until I started drinking fresh extracted juices. How it all began? For over 4 decades of my adult life, I tried many, many diets and lifestyle changes including eating vegetarian for 12 years during the 80’s.  I spent most of my life preparing my own meals in my own kitchen.  I’ve been very active throughout my life…playing sports and dancing and exercising through yoga, race walking, weight training and using a treadmill. Despite all this effort to stay in shape…

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Juice to boost your immune system

Juice to boost Your immune system Fresh juices can really save the day especially during the festive season when systems are under pressure. If you already juice on a regular basis, chances are your system is protected and you won’t even get sick. Why? Because we “catch” those pesky bacteria and viruses when our natural defences. are weak. Over-burdened System When our immune system is overburdened with all those inflammatory ingredients that just about every tasty bit of food is laden with these – especially during festive times when everything from eggnog to the cookies to the creamed vegetables and bread stuffing in the turkey, our bodies become worn out trying to digest, process and eliminate these foods that tax the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas, the lymphatic system – basically every organ that works so hard to keep us healthy and energised. Now, if you have been juicing regularly…

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