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How Juicing Changed My Life!

By Kathleen M. Marinell Straight up, I’m what you would call a health nut.  I’ve never smoked, I seldom drink alcohol, and I’ve never done drugs despite being a child of the 60’s…oops, now I’m dating myself  :-).  I’ve lived a fairly active life, I’ve eaten well, I’ve tried a variety of self-healing techniques, and I’ve read lots of books on living a healthy lifestyle.     But nothing impacted my life permanently and deeply until I started drinking fresh extracted juices. How it all began? For over 4 decades of my adult life, I tried many, many diets and lifestyle changes including eating vegetarian for 12 years during the 80’s.  I spent most of my life preparing my own meals in my own kitchen.  I’ve been very active throughout my life…playing sports and dancing and exercising through yoga, race walking, weight training and using a treadmill. Despite all this effort to stay in shape…

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Digestion & Your Skin Health

Good Digestion Can Do Wonders For Your Skin! The digestive system is a group of organs in your body. Its processes allow you to get rid of waste and absorb the nutrients you need for the healthy functioning of your body. Some external factors such as the intake of processed foods, chemicals in foods, antibiotics, and medications, can cause damage to your health and ultimately affect the skin. This means good digestion plays an important role in your skin health and skincare routine.   Skin Conditions & Digestion During my years of practice, I have discovered that that the skin has a great connection with the digestive system. Many people that suffer from skin problems especially facial conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, are often surprised to learn that these conditions may be linked to digestion. Dry and flaky skin may just be a sign that your body…

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Spinach…royalty amongst leafy greens?

SPINACH – Royalty amongst Green Vegetables? It is widely agreed that eternal beauty emanates from internal care…what do I mean by that? Well, when all your internal organs are well-nourished and well-fed you tend to look better and feel better. Simply put – the right foods have cosmetic benefits. From glowing skin, to improved temperament and moods. Simply put… good food – does good…. One such food is spinach… The power of dark green leafy greens Spinach was, according to an article in American Medicine – far back in 1927 – hailed as the “king of all vegetables,” and was  “therapeutically” indicated in conditions as diverse as: “…anemia, blood depravity, heart disturbances, kidney disarrangements, dyspeptic conditions and piles”, and in other conditions such as “low vitality” and “marked general debility” Used in various cultures throughout history, from South East-Asian, Mediterranean to Middle Eastern – this leafy green vegetable contains a…

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