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Black Girls Little Black Book of Beauty Out Now

The Ultimate Guide to Natural & Organic Skincare 2019 is set to be an exciting year in the organic and natural skincare industry. One thing driving this is the birth of the Little Black Book of Beauty. About the book The Black Girls’ Little Black Book of Beauty is the ultimate resource and go-to guide for natural and organic skin and hair care. It contains everything you need to know for attaining and maintaining healthy, nourished beautiful skin and hair using natural and plant-based ingredients. Written as a reference book, it has sections that include: the anatomy of the skin, identifying your skin type, tips for combatting seasonal and environmental effects on your skin and hair and gives rich details on good nutrition for healthy skin and hair, with examples of the best “beauty foods” for you. Instructional: it shows you how to read product labels (alerting you to the…

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Tips on how to write your book

E Books for Business, Join the conversation The benefits of writing a book to promote your business or support your branding activities are undoubtedly sound. So perhaps you’re asking if this is the right vehicle for your marketing activities? The answer is quite simply what you wish to achieve. In this article, I’ll try to help you make up your mind. There are so many tools and software packages that are good for business, just in the same way that we know that large quantities of fruit are good for you, except of course if you are a diabetic. Diabetics require a more varied diet as too much fruit will upset their blood sugar levels. In other words, proceed with caution. What does that have to do with writing a book for your business? Quite a lot actually, you need to do your health check first that investigates whether a…

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