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Spirituality, Your Attitude & Your Skin

Spirituality, Your attitude & Good Skincare

We all have common experiences  and ‘symptoms’ that will at different times in our lives affect our skin and our skincare regimes. Two major ones this article address are:
a) Stress: we all suffer stresses; and
b) Age: we all will age – age is unavoidable.
However, there are certain things which differentiate us or that we can control especially when it comes to skin and skincare.

The things, we propose include:
a) Lifestyle
b) Attitude or on another level “spirituality”

Stress, Age  & Your Skin

It is widely accepted that stress is a major factor in the ageing process and ultimately affects how our bodies and minds work. Stress also affects how our skins look, feel and heal. There are some who suggest that a change of attitude – even going as far as embracing spirituality can play a role in ones overall skin-care regime. How? Perhaps by reducing stress?  We propose that when one believes or has faith in a  “high power” there is an outlet through which to “cast our anxieties away”.  We may develop greater inner calm, perspective and less stress?

So what is this spirituality after all?

Spirituality has very different meanings for different people – for some it has very religious connotations – going to Church, Mosque or Shul. Whereas for others being spiritual may mean
a) Embracing a life of positive energy with daily affirmations, meditations, living a life of mindfulness
b) Adopting a lifestyle aligned to deeper values.
c) Feeling good, being grateful and wishing happiness on others may for some embody being spiritual.

Whatever your definition – being at calm and having faith in the “universe”; a “higher-self” or “the inner self” – may not only be good for the “spirit”, but perhaps for the body as well.

So what does spirituality have to do with skincare?

It is our belief that when you feel good – this goodness is often manifested through the skin – leaving it looking healthy, well-nourished and refreshed. This feel good can further be enhanced by how you choose to embrace lifestyle:

You can choose to
1) Eat a balanced diet (eat right)
Keep your skin healthy by eating smart. Fill your plate with veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Choose lean proteins like chicken, fish, lean meat, beans, and eggs. Avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, trans fats, saturated fats, salt, and sugar.
2) Find equilibrium between work-family life
3) Embrace Self-Care (exercise, get enough sleep)

The “placebo” effect – the physiological healing path – is one way of attaining and maintaining skin health.

Is spirituality is all about attitude?

We certainly think for those who do not like the term spirituality it has a lot to do with attitue to the Maya Angelou quote:
“If you don’t like something Change it! If you cannot change it, change your attitude.”

This said – it is our everyday choices that dictate our level of health and by extension the quality and texture of our bodies, our skin, our hair and general wellbeing.

So, choose to be happy, choose to be optimistic and choose to be good to yourself and to others – it may work wonders for your skin.

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