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Simple Well being From Home by Keziah Theophane-Remy

The quest for well being

We are in an era where traditional methods of healing are being questioned and people are now seeking a sense of wellbeing from sources previously considered ludicrous. For years, the therapeutic value of alternative methods was discredited, but people are now becoming more cognisant of the benefits of having a sense of balance in their lives.

Indian yogi Sadhguru said it best. Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy. I could not agree more. Can you imagine a feeling where every single part of you is filled with pure happiness?

 Global celebration of wellness

There has been a global celebration of wellness, all in the hopes of giving people the opportunity to experience moments of peace, tranquility and bliss. It is easier, when life is going well to find the time to stop and take a moment to give yourself a break; but what happens when you feel so overwhelmed and it’s like every single thing in your life is going wrong? Your body feels out of sync, your finances are not what they should be, relationships don’t seem to last, and you can barely look at yourself in the mirror.
Feeling unwell isn’t necessarily as a result of a physical ailment but prolonged emotional distress eventually results in a physical manifestation. Although you may not have the desire to sit in a quiet corner for a few minutes, it is important that you recognise your body’s need for rest. Even, if your budget does not allow you to go to a spa or for a relaxing weekend away – there is no need to worry there are inexpensive for  you to try and find wellness.

5 Inexpensive ways to achieve a sense of well-being at home.
Clean your surroundings.

You cannot relax in a chaotic environment. In order to welcome peace into your life you need to declutter. It might not sound very relaxing but there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with giving a room in your home a bit of a makeover.


Many times, the stress that you feel stems from dissatisfaction with certain areas in your life. So many people are unhappy with their bodies but yet do little or nothing to change this. Exercise is a great way to detox and rejuvenate your body and you can easily do it from the comfort of your home.

Reconnect with your spirituality.

Not everyone believes in a supernatural being but for those who do, it helps to completely submit yourself to a power far greater than your own to help you out of situations that you simply cannot go through alone.


 Stop thinking, stop complaining, stop crying, stop everything and for a moment allow yourself to just be. This experience will be different for everyone but it’s good to allow yourself to stop. This is often when your true innermost feelings are revealed. For some people this could be achieved with a few minutes of meditation but feel free to do whatever works for you.

Express gratitude.

Even when it may seem like you have nothing, know that there is always something to be thankful for.

In conclusion

This is not an exhaustive list and it is only meant to serve as a guide for those of you on a budget or for those who are completely new to all things well being. Life is filled with stressors and it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but you do not have to remain in that feeling. Do not deny yourself a life of peace, love and happiness because each of us deserves a life worth living.


About the Author:
Keziah Theophane-Remy is a Certified health and Life coach and natural and organic skincare and lifestyle blogger
FaceBook:  Keziah Theophane-Remy

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