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All about Sea Buckthorn by

The amazing benefits of Sea Buckthorn by Zane Piese

I have been friends with nature ever since I can remember. I grew up in the countryside and we had rivers and woods and meadows in abundance. My childhood was spent mostly playing out doors and also helping my family to look after animals. I learnt about plants from actually using them to heal, eat and for health.
We used simple but effective methods to get all the goodness out of the plants - and it worked. So I have never had doubts about natural cosmetic and efficacy…

Some of plants have become my best friends and I still love and respect them now. I never stop talking about effects using them on skin. One of my most favourite ingredient is Sea buckthorn oil!

I remember my first meeting with Sea buckthorn. We were on the way to the city and my mum stopped car at the road side and showed me bushes with long silver leaves and big big thorns. She told me 'this is a really special plant, full of vitamins and minerals. It can heal nearly everything! But in order to have berries you have to have male and female plant, just like we humans...' I was 5 years old at that time, but can remember it so vividly.

Many years passed since then, but I still love and use this plant in my daily life, in the kitchen and of course in my formulations. Its a fabulous healer for whole body and has even been used in hospitals to heal heavy burns with great success.

The amazing benefits of Sea Buckthorn


There are two types of Sea Buckthorn oil.

The first is cold pressed and comes from the seeds. The second is macerated berry pulp. Sea buckthorn seeds are tiny and very difficult to separate from the pulp so its a very rare oil and expensive. The maceration method is much easier to produce. Berries are collected but the thorns are a terrible problem, similar to roses. The berries are harvested with the stalks and they are frozen. After freezing the berries come of the bush very easily and are juiced. The pulp is dried and macerated in a similar way to oils like rapeseed, sunflower sesame or olive.

Olive oil is a liquid gold and in synergy with Sea Buckthorn it is amazing! I use olive oil from my friends garden in Tuscany so I can guarantee a quality of oil. 

You can use it in kitchen by adding to your salad (never heat it), or take it with a spoon for stomach aches, to reduce acid levels, and heal ulcers. There are also know to be improvements for sufferers of asthma too! Your skin will be improved after regular use of Sea Buckthorn too, eye sight improves, leaver feels much better and so on and so on... its all because of unique composition of vitamins, minerals plant acids, omega fatty acids, antioxidants in the Sea Buckthorn oil.

In total it has 190 components in this oil! Anti ageing vitamin A, anti wrinkle vitamin E,Vitamin C for brightening, collagen production and skin elasticity, antioxidants to keep free radicals away from you and slow down ageing process… And its not over yet! Sea buckthorn also speeds up regeneration process in your body-if used as a supplement and on skin in skincare.
Do I need to add more? If you don’t believe - do your own research online!

If you want to try it visit sells 250ml bottles of Sea buckthorn oil for only £ 14,99. We make it in small batches to ensure quality is high and you get the best we can offer you! Simply add to your salad 1-2 spoons of this amazing oil instead of any other oil. Mix in your day cream to improve your skin but as for all plant based ingredients-use it regularly for some time to see results!

I hope I inspired you to try this amazing plant for your health and well being and if you have any questions,please feel free to or come to our social media and ask them here!

Please feel free to share with your friends so they can benefit from this information too!!

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