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How Juicing gave me freedom from migraines

Unmanageable Migraines

For many years I suffered unimaginable migraines. At my worst, I was having migraines 4-5 times a week.  I was under a doctor’s care, on daily prescription medicine to prevent them which wasn’t working. I was forced to practically live on heavy-duty migraine prescription drugs to keep them at bay.  I was miserable to say the least.

I finally reached out to one of the Naturopathic Doctors who was part of our certification program faculty staff to see if he could help me.  Within 90 days, he essentially brought the migraines to a stop.

How juicing opened the door to treatment

The treatment was to heal my gut from damage caused over several decades by an overgrowth of Candida yeast which feeds off sugar.  I’ve written an entire Blog about that experience which you can read here – but here’s the critical point.  I could only go through this treatment successfully because I no longer had the addiction to sugar that I had since I was 17 years old.  Without question, juicing ultimately opened that door for me to finally end my 48-year struggle with that debilitating pain.

Helping others – To help themselves

I am now passionate about wanting others to have this sort of transformational shift in their relationship with food and their health…whatever that experience might mean for them.  Once your body is relieved of the burden placed on it from the unnatural foods predominant in our culture today, healing permeates every aspect of your life restoring balance not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

My husband and I are now Certified Juice Therapists and why we started our business, “Healthy Changes“.  To open the door for someone, perhaps like you, to see what’s possible in your health and in your life that you think might be impossible for you right now.

The impossible is possible

I’m living proof that the impossible is possible and… it’s never too late to start enjoying amazing good health.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge, our guidance and our stories as well as some healthy challenges to inspire and motivate you to get a handle on your health through simple healthy changes now.

We love to hear from our readers so please share your own experience or let us know what you’d like to know more about on your own journey to better health and vitality.  ‘

By: Kathleen Marinell: Certified Juice Therapist

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